New release: Improbable Outcomes

The Art of Navigating Change & Uncertainty

Even the most sophisticated companies experience high failure rates in change and transformative projects. Indeed, seven in ten projects fail. Why? What can transformational leaders do to improve outcomes and increase gains?
Chambers, an expert on change management and transformation, introduces a balanced approach to managing the emotional and programmatic elements of change. In her new book Improbable Outcomes, Chambers examines a winning strategy to employ emotional intelligence, a transformational leadership mindset, and a proven methodology for successful change. You will learn to master critical aspects of change, including her three tenants of successful change management; organizational readiness, momentum, and change and sustain activities.

From the Court to the Boardroom

A story of Leadership and Success by Lisa Leslie and Bridgette Chambers.

In a new book by power house authors, Hall of Famer Lisa Leslie and award winning Entrepreneur, Bridgette Chambers, readers quickly learn how to reignite the powerful foundation of strength formed while playing competitive sports and parlay those life changing, high performing behaviors into success in the business world. Through stories and winning strategies, Lisa and Bridgette invite readers to RE-IGNITE their passion and competitive spirit. Next, the authors introduce a path designed to help readers RISE to the challenges ahead and find the inner-strength and constitution to keep REACHING for greatness in business.

Profitable Problem Solving™

Learn how to CHANGE, GROW & SAVE your company with strategies designed to ensure profit or personal gain with the Amazon Bestseller!

For High Performers and Entrepreneurial Employees on the Move

If you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself, grow your career, and increase your net worth… why not begin by putting your problem solving skills to work for you.