Bridgette is a distinguished keynote speaker and frequent panel guest with experience across the globe speaking to business and academic audiences. She speaks on a variety of topics including Transformational Leadership, Leadership during Times of Change, Entrepreneurialism, Diversity & Empowerment, and Profitable Problem Solving™.

Are you confused about how to pivot your business or start-up as a result of COVID19? Are you trying to figure out how to lead employees during times of social transformation, including #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo? Knowing how and when to change is critical to growth. We know that transformative endeavors fail at least 70% of the time. The stakes are high, and the pressure is on leaders to get it right. Chambers offers a just in time game plan to manage change during our generation’s most volatile market successfully.

Improbable Outcomes


Even the most sophisticated companies experience high failure rates in change and transformative projects. Indeed, seven in ten projects fail. Why? What can transformational leaders do to improve outcomes and increase gains?

Chambers, an expert on change management and transformation, introduces a balanced approach to managing the emotional and programmatic change elements. In her new book Improbable Outcomes, Chambers examines a winning strategy to employ emotional intelligence, a transformational leadership mindset, and a proven methodology for successful change. You will learn to master critical aspects of change, including her three tenants of successful change management; organizational readiness, momentum, and change and sustain activities.

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